Criteria For Financial Assistance

  • There is a market for the proposed product or service
  • Adequate overall finance will be available to fund the project
  • The promoter possesses the management and technical capacity to implement the proposed project.
  • Projects to be assisted should have the capacity to create new direct employment, either full/part-time/seasonal or should maintain / sustain existing employment levels.
  • Potential employment level is less than ten employee

General Conditions for Grant Assistance

Grant aid cannot be paid retrospectively. Grant approval must be obtained before the project commences. Grant aid will not be paid in respect of any expenditure incurred prior to obtaining official notification of grant approval from our offices. Payment of grants will be made on the basis of receipted expenditure.

Other Requirements

  • Compliance with Planning and any legislative requirements
  • Tax Clearance Certificates (Promoter and/or any Sub-contractors)
  • Childcare Facilities must be registered with the Midland Health Board

Ineligible Projects

  • Projects involving primary agricultural production
  • Projects which are contrary to public policy
  • Duplication of support for projects which would be eligible for assistance from other State
  • Agencies or EU funded programmes
  • Areas of enterprise which involve displacement of existing jobs
  • Retail outlets, professional services
  • Projects with investment costs exceeding €127,000
  • Projects with employees in excess of 10 people Franchises