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The importance of conducting business through online platforms cannot be underestimated, most especially sales and marketing. If your customers are online, then your business needs to be online also. This is even more acutely evident with the current Covid-19 pandemic which has restricted offline sales and brought even more consumers online. 

With this impetus, more and more Longford businesses are moving online, extending their online sales functions on their websites and marketing themselves through social media. Longford LEO recognise their hard work in doing so, as well as the continuous need to shop local, especially at this time. 

Want Your Business To Get Involved? 

If you want your business listed on Longford Business Online, email your details (please include a link to your website or social media platform through which you are conducting sales and your business logo) to lfeehily@longfordcoco.ie. Businesses must be selling online and based within Longford.