Business Supports for Longford Businesses

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Longford Local Enterprise Offices offers a range of supports for start-ups and small businesses.

We provide an initial 'First Stop Shop' service where entrepreneurs and business owners can call into us to receive advice on setting up or growing their business. Our First Stop Shop can also provide guidance on all of the services we offer, including the different financial supports, training and development, mentorship programmes and networking opportunities which are available to small businesses.

Financial Supports

Financial supports are available to start-ups and small businesses wishing to grow their business. Financial supports offered by Longford LEO include Feasibility and Innovation Grants, Priming Grant and Business Expansion Grant. For further information click here

Training and Development

Training and Development opportunities are available to Longford businesses operating in the domestic market. Training and development is offered in areas such as starting your own business, legal issues, marketing and ISO and quality training. For more info click here


Longford LEO's Mentoring Programme is a great way for local businesses to gain expert one-to-one advice and guidance tailored to their business and its specific needs. Mentors help businesses in the areas including general management, financial structuring, production planning, marketing, distribution, corporate organisation and strategic planning and provide short-term assignments to help businesses achieve their goals. Click here for further information.