Engenuity Midlands Engineering Innovation Programme

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Management Development

Training specifically designed for the Engineering sector with tailored mentoring to grow your business

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Are you an Ambitious Engineering Company? Has your Business got Growth Potential?

Avail of sector specific professional training, tailored mentoring & action planning and networking/collaboration opportunities to grow your business

The Local Enterprise Offices in Longford, Offaly, Westmeath and Laois are delighted to announce the roll out of a new programme to help ambitious engineering business grow their enterprises. The Engenuity Midlands Innovation Programme is an ideal opportunity for eligible businesses to receive sector specific professional training, tailored mentoring & action planning, networking & collaboration opportunities to deliver their growth objectives.

In the Midlands region, for a small commitment fee of just €200, a tailored support package will be provided to 20 enterprises that have ambitions and potential to grow, with benefits including:

  • 4 workshops focused on developing technology transfer/innovation opportunities, key approaches to embrace technology & lean processing, servitisation as a game changer for engineering companies and developing export markets
  • Individual, tailored mentoring & action plans for growth (3 days in total onsite)
  • Inclusion in the regional subcontract and collaboration opportunities database
  • Participation the Midlands Engineering Network and participation at network events
  • Participation at a Meet the Buyer Event - To Be Decided later in Year.
  • Signposting of further support services to facilitate innovation and growth potential.

The Engenuity Programme is an integral part of the structured effort to promote market-led innovation, stakeholder collaboration, best practice transfer and product and trade development among the Midlands Engineering Cluster. The project is part of the Regional Action Plan for Jobs and is funded under the LEO Competitive Fund and delivered by Westmeath, Offaly, Longford & Laois Local Enterprise Offices in association with WestBIC, Almir Business and other enterprise and innovation stakeholders.  

Programme Content

Developing Technology Transfer/Innovation Opportunities

Market-leading small to medium-sized engineering companies regularly innovate, adapt quickly to new business conditions, and seize technology opportunities before their competitors do. In these hands-on workshops focused on technology and innovation, you'll learn how to leap ahead of your competitors by adopting new opportunities that blend best practices, innovation, and real-life practical requirements.

By gaining an understanding of industry-best-practices, you'll explore practical ways to embrace technology without compromising any existing stability and successfully opening opportunities for you and your company.

Key Approaches To Embrace Technology And Lean Processing

Embracing technology and lean processing is being seen as a business imperative for small to medium-sized engineering companies. Through hands-on experience and in-depth analysis of examples drawn from real companies, you will leave these workshops with new perspectives and tangible action plans for implementing lean systems within your company.

This series of workshops go far beyond the basic transfer of skills and theories. With the support of a structured mentoring programme, you’ll receive a unique, practical and personal-case working group experience that will focus you on a specific application and issues that can be implemented successfully within your company.

Servitisation – A Game Changer For Engineering Markets

Are you looking for practical ways to maximize the return from your products? If so, the concept of servitisation is a real game changer for your industry.

It’s the difference in simply selling your product once to securing a more long-term sustainable income stream. And, at the same time firmly establishing your company at the heart of your customers’ interest and requirements. These highly practical and applied workshops was created specifically for professionals working within small to medium sized engineering companies.

Export Market Development

In today's rapidly changing engineering sector, a new set of skills is required to build a robust and competitive export business. This series of workshops draws upon the latest research and insights to provide you with a new toolkit for leading and breaking through in export-oriented markets.

As a participant in these workshops, you will work alongside an assigned mentor that will guide you as you learn the practical and real-life solutions for creating an exceptional and sustainable export market model for your company.


Aligned Mentoring Programme

Specifically designed for uncovering real-world practical solutions, you will gain new perspectives and realistic strategies for attaining the best outcome possible to your organization and for your career.

To address your own company-specific challenges mentoring support will focus on:

Specialist engineering mentoring in Technology Transfer inward/outward (e.g, new product ideas/ licensing) and identifying new sales opportunities (2 days per company)

Business development mentoring to progress each participating business to complete a new strategic plan.  Businesses with development potential to invest will be facilitated to prepare their business for grant aid. (3 days per company)

Each mentoring session will be a maximum of 3 hours in duration plus off site follow up as required.