Start Your Own Business

Longford Enterprise Centre, Ballinalee Road, Longford
Course takes place over six Monday nights
7pm - 9.30pm
Start Your Own Business

Comprehensive course taking place one night a week over six weeks.

This event is no longer available

This programme is designed to give attendees the basic knowledge, skills and confidence to bring their entrepreneurial project to profitable reality.  Participants will be able to assess the viability of business ideas and understand essential elements needed to bring an enterprise from concept to profit.

Session 1

Self assessment / how you will manage yourself while in your business

This session will introduce participants to the concept of entrepreneurship and what it means to be a business owner.  The downs and ups and how to deal with both.

Session 2

Legal Issues for Start Ups

Participants will be shown the formal vehicles to use to conduct businesss, particularly the new companies acts and legislation.  The session also introduces the self-assessment taxation system and the responsibilities to the revenue of the self-employed.

Session 3

Plans and Business Plans

The reasons and benefits of planning, as well as the methods of creating a realistic plan and how to use it as a tool for creating and managing success

Session 4

Marketing for the Small Business

This session will provide a solid professional grounding in the principles of marketing leading up to developing a marketing plan

Session 5

Research the market and introduction to online marketing

Following up from session 4 and demonstrating how to research a market to ensure the success of the project, create a USP and profitable price.

Session 6

Basic bookkeeping, taxation and credit control

This sessions aims to create an understanding of the importance of good financial management which ranges from basic bookkeeping to creation of internal controls and revenue commissioner ready accounts, as well as how, why, when to register for appropriate taxes.