Green for Micro Programme

Green for Micro Programme

Green for Micro Programme – Leo Border Counties

The aim of the Green for Micro programme is to help you identify cost savings and improve the green credentials of your business. This is achieved by looking at your business from an environmental perspective. Improving environmental performance through greater resource efficiency can help your business achieve competitive advantage. Projects may vary from looking at your energy, water & waste costs, guidance with environmental management system, to the greening of your product or business to adapt to the changing market place. The programme will help you make more informed decisions to reduce your business costs, lower its carbon footprint, and improve the environmental profile of the business in the marketplace.

The programme has potentially 2 parts:

Part 1

1: Apply to your Local Enterprise Office via the National Portal. Two days free mentoring will be awarded to each business (open to all businesses – not just LEO clients). An appropriate consultant is identified and engaged by you to carry out a Green audit of your business. This audit will identify issues and opportunities within your business.

Part 2 (Optional)

  1. Following this initial audit – a business may wish to further progress with opportunities identified within the audit - an additional three days mentoring can be applied for or a Green voucher to the value of €2500 at a maximum rate of 50% (Voucher restricted to less than 10 employees – existing eligible LEO clients).

To apply for this programme please access the National Portal here