Export Development Programme

Export Development Programme

**We are now taking expressions of interest for this programme. If demand dictates we will run another phase of the programme**

To achieve export success, all the evidence in Ireland and internationally is that it works best when SME’s:

  • Take some time to pick the right markets – a small number of markets – don’t spread resources too ‘thin’. 
  • Invest a little in really understanding those markets; and 
  • Have the ambition and commitment to developing those markets – based on that understanding of what customers and partners expect of us.

 Occasional or slightly random strikes into export markets don’t generate sustained success.

We want to support SME’s in the North East to build sustainable and growing export business in export markets.  Markets that are a good fit – in terms of both opportunity and capability: opportunities that are right for SME’s in the North East.

Who we want to support through the Programme?

Ambitious businesses from across Cavan, Monaghan and Louth that want to grow through export.

Participants will be from across sectors of manufacturing and tradeable services.   They may be of different size (in terms of turnover and employee numbers).  But they will all be characterised by 2 things:

  1.  That ambition to grow export markets and international business;
  2. All being at a relatively early stage of developing export business – the process may have started (or maybe not) and the task now is to bring greater drive, focus, analysis, research, and structure – to accelerate export growth.  

What we want to Deliver

Ultimately – increased profitability, through export growth.  Real commercial returns, delivered through a combination of: 

  • Selecting the right markets – with confidence; and understanding the territory potential offered by those markets, for your business; 
  • Establishing an understanding of customer needs in those markets, and how the sales channel works; 
  • Building the market entry approach needed to establish a strong, competitive and credible offering in the export market(s) 
  • Creating a plan to build the business infrastructure needed to sustain that market entry – and grow it!


There is no cost to participate on this North East Export Development Programme.  This is a special initiative of the Government of Ireland supported through the Border Brexit Stimulus Fund.

Phase one of this programme is currently booked. We are seeking expressions of interest. If demand dictates, we will run phase two of the programme. To register your interest email amy.smyth@leo.louthcoco.ie