The European IPR Helpdesk

The European IPR Helpdesk

About the Help desk

The European IPR Helpdesk is a project funded by the European Commission under the current Horizon 2020 programme that supports cross-border SME and research activities to manage, disseminate and valorise technologies and other Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and IP assets at an EU level.

Offering a broad range of informative material, whether the SME need’s personal support on a specific IP issue, want to be informed about the latest developments in the world of IP and Innovation in Europe, or are interested in a training session on IP along with a Helpline service for direct IP support and on-site and online training (webinar’s), the European IPR Helpdesk's main goal is to support IP capacity building along the full scale of IP practices: from awareness to strategic use and successful exploitation. This strengthening of IP competencies focuses on EU SMEs, participants and candidates in EU-funded projects, and EU innovation stakeholders for an increased translation of IP into the EU innovation ecosystem.

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