Facebook for Business-Advanced Nov2019

Leeson Centre, Westport
9.30am - 4.30pm

A one day workshop for advanced Facebook users focusing on content creation and Facebook Ads

This event is no longer available

The aim of the programme is to assist those who already have completed the “Using Facebook for Business – Beginner” course and have an established business Facebook page to take their use of Facebook as a business development tool to the next level.

This advanced course will be delivered by Facebook Author, trainer and coach, Louise McDonnell.

Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

Content Marketing

  • 4 Factors which influences what appears in the newsfeed
  • 8 Steps to Create A Social Media Strategy for Facebook
  • 5 different categories of customers and how this relates to the customer journey
  • Producing content for each stage of the sale funnel

Facebook Ads

  • How to create targeted audiences
    • How to target people near your business
    • How to create an audience based on demographics
    • How to create an audience based on an interest shown in a product/service
    • Targeting people who have recently visited your website (remarketing)
    • Targeting existing customers using your customer database
    • How to target the most engaged fans on your business page
    • How to create lookalike audiences based on traffic to your website, people that like your business page etc.
  • Demonstrating the different types of Facebook Ads and when to use them
    • Awareness campaigns
    • Consideration Campaigns
    • Conversion Campaigns
  • How to create successful ads
    • Tips for using Image/Video Ads
    • How to write effective Ad copy
  • Understanding and analysing campaign results.