MODOS circular economy training programme

Understanding the circular economy is something that all Irish businesses need to do, especially with the increased pressure to reduce waste and carbon emissions and offer environmentally friendly products and services. As business owners re-examine their business models and supply chains post-COVID this is the perfect time to apply circular economy thinking.

MODOS is an online circular economy training programme for SMEs all over Ireland run by the Waste Management Plan Lead Authority (WMPLA) and the Economic Development Office of Dublin City Council (DCC). It’s taking place during September and October 2020, with a free 1-hour taster session on Friday 28th August.

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Is the content being delivered in the Dublin MODOS programme the same as the content being delivered in the National MODOS programme?

In order to accommodate a larger number of businesses for MODOS 2020, we are running twin MODOS programmes, one specifically for businesses in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) and the other as a nationally available course for businesses outside of the GDA.   

The Dublin MODOS programme will be delivered by sustainability consultants, SustainabilityWorks, on behalf of DCC and the National MODOS programme will be delivered by sustainability consultants, Clearstream Solutions, in collaboration with the Clean Technology Centre and Change by Degrees.

The modules for each programme will contain broadly similar content, but naturally each trainer will bring their own approach and style to the training.


Can I participate in the Dublin MODOS programme if my business is not located in Dublin? Equally, can Dublin-based businesses participate in the National MODOS programme?

Yes in both cases, but as there will be a limited number of places on each training course (maximum 30 participants per module), if demand is high, priority will be given to Dublin-based businesses in respect of the Dublin MODOS programme and to non-Dublin based businesses in respect of the National MODOS programme.


How does sustainability and sustainable business relate to the circular economy?

Sustainability is about balancing social, environmental and economic considerations to ensure that human society can develop and endure over the long term. A sustainable business is one that gives due consideration to social, environmental and economic issues in its decision-making and actions.

The world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, from climate change, to biodiversity loss, to an over-consumption of materials and resources. The science is clear that we need to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) to ‘net-zero’ by 2050 if we are to ‘decarbonise’ our economy and avoid catastropic climate change. Around 55% of GHG emissions reductions will come from switching to renewable energy sources. The remaining 45% will come from changing how we make and use products and how we produce food. This is where the circular economy comes in. By adopting circular economy principles, businesses will use natural resources more efficiently, cut down on carbon emissions and waste, and decarbonise their products and services. In this way, the shift to a circular economy is an essential part of the transition to a zero carbon future.  


What are the benefits of this programme for my business?

By participating in the MODOS programme, you will learn about circular economy principles and how to integrate them into your business. By doing so your business will:

  • Save money, reduce waste and increase resilience
  • Boost competitive advantage and brand reputation
  • Unlock new business opportunities that also help the environment


There are also other less tangible benefits to consider including:

  • Meeting like-minded companies and learning from their experiences
  • Potentially developing collaborative projects with participating companies
  • Learning from expert trainers and gaining access to their Irish and international networks


I don’t work in the private sector. Is this programme suitable for me?

The MODOS programme is aimed at micro, small and medium size enterprises. It is suitable for businesses from all sectors but those from the following sectors are likely to find it particularly relevant:  construction and the built environment, food, retail, manufacturing, textiles and fashion, electronics, plastics and packaging.

If you do not work in the private sector, it will be more difficult to relate to the training content and engage with the exercises. However, do send us an email and we will give you a call to discuss in more detail.


I am a consultant. Is the MODOS programme suitable for me?

No, the MODOS programme is not suitable for consultants.