MSLETB Upcoming July Webinars

Cyber Security Awareness – Register here – 12 Noon 14th July

We are all susceptible to cyber-attack. Here we explore the trends, threats & cyber security issues that matter to your business.

  1. "Cyber Awareness in this remote “Digital World"  the challenges for businesses.
  2. Learn how to protect your Data & Privacy while working Remotely & Online.
  3. Importance of completing a Cyber Security Risk Assessment to protect your Information assets.


Digital Skills for Business - Register here – 11AM on 16th July

During this 60-minute presentation participants will gain an insight into how businesses can thrive online and the skills required to make an impact in today’s business environment. Topics: 

  1. Welcome to the S3Age
  2. The attributes of a thriving online business
  3. 10 essential digital skills of a competent marketer
  4. Emerging trends
  5. Business case study 

Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams - Register here – Two-Part Webinar - 12 pm, 21st & 23rd July

Discover how to use Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations, and collaborate more effectively. The aim is to inspire you and give you some key features to be able to use, so you can save some time and be more productive and efficient in the way you use Teams.


Learning objectives

  •  Getting started with Microsoft Teams
  •  Organizing teams & creating channels
  •  Creating conversations, using chat & posting messages
  •  Scheduling and starting video meetings
  •  Sharing files & managing tabs
  •  Apps and optional features
  •  Settings and customisation


1, Start time: 12pm, Tue 21st July - Part One

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Creating and managing Teams & Channels

Q & A Session


2, Start time: 12pm, Thurs 23rd July - Part Two

Using chat & posting messages


Managing tabs & adding apps

Q & A Session


Financial Planning for Business - Register here - Two-Part Webinar - 12 pm, 27th & 29th July

This series of webinars will help businesses to navigate the financial landscape in these difficult times to provide the most up-to-date financial supports available and tools to allow for accurate decision making for your business now and in the future.

Are you opening your business soon and trying to navigate all the supports available? Do you now need more focus on the cash flow of your business to navigate through these turbulent times?

Part 1 – Cash flow management and other supports. 12pm, Mon 27th July

This webinar will provide you with tools to forecast through these uncertain times and when to take action, including tools to approach lending institutions and how finance planning can help you identify areas of risk.

Start time: Part 2 – Building Business Resilience 12pm, Wed 29th July

This webinar will assist you to build resilience within the current context of the pandemic. It will primarily cover aspects of Leadership and Motivation to assist you with your planning for recovery process to navigate through uncertain times.