Teagasc Food Industry Training

Introduction to Food Innovation & New Product Development

Whether you are new to food innovation/new product development or want to improve your pipeline of innovative food products, this workshop delivered over two half day sessions will introduce you to a wide range of best practice methods and real life case studies. This workshop takes place on the 12th and 19th of May.

Who is this virtual workshop designed for?
Entrepreneurs and small food producers, wishing to build their knowledge in relation to food innovation and new product development.
Food technologists, brand managers and development chefs working in the food & beverage processing sectors who have responsibility for, or involvement in, innovation and/or new product development activities.

What will I learn if I attend?

  • Understand the Food Innovation/New Product Development (NPD) process and the different stages involved and apply it within your business/workplace.
  • Be aware of the stages involved from idea generation to scale up to running production trials.
  • Understand what affects the shelf-life of food products, how to potentially extend shelf-life and how to instigate trials.
  • Be aware of the range of packaging solutions available.
  • Obtain an overview of your regulatory and labelling responsibilities
  • Gain an understanding of the nutritional and health claims you may be in a position to use for your products.
  • Learn about Teagasc expertise and the analytical and scale up facilities available for use by food businesses.
  • The experiences of a successful Food Entrepreneur in starting a new food business, developing innovative products and scaling their business and product offerings.

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