Business Continuity Voucher

Business Continuity Voucher  - Closed for Application - Post application procedure

The Business Continuity Voucher closed for receipt of applications on Friday 15th May 2020 at 5.30pm.

Applications Received after 15th May

If you have submitted an application after 15th May, your application will not be processed or considered. We apologise.

There was unprecedented demand for this scheme.

Other supports will be coming on stream. Please check back to our website and social media for updates on emerging supports.

Applications received on or before 15th May – Being Approved

A Business Advisor will contact you to conduct a more detailed assessment of your application. This is to refine your requirements and match you with the most suited consultant to your business. Vouchers are being assessed in order of receipt of application.

We will contact you as soon as possible. Due to the high level of demand and teams working remotely, our response time may be slower. We apologise. Be assured we will contact you shortly and are doing our utmost to connect you with supports quickly. Please refrain from sending multiple emails. Thank-you for your patience.

Applications Received on or Before 15th May - Being Declined

We will contact you to notify you if your application is not being advanced. We will detail the rationale for this decision. In many cases, it is due to the business being early stage and therefore a continuity voucher may not be the most suited support for your business. We assess each on a case by case basis. We will outline other suitable supports, with specific consideration to your business model, stage of development, impact of the pandemic etc.  

Thank-you for your interest in the Business Continuity Voucher. We appreciate the time taken to submit each application. Thank-you for your patience. We give every application due consideration and tailor our recommendations.