Criteria for Financial Assistance

To qualify for grant aid the promoters must demonstrate that:

  • The project is in the commercial sphere and is capable of obtaining economic viability without ongoing Exchequer or EU assistance.
  • The project is in manufacturing or internationally traded services (please see list of eligible internationally traded services below).
  • There is a market for the proposed product or service.
  • Adequate overall finance will be available to fund the project.
  • That the person, group or company possesses the management and technical capacity to implement the proposed project.
  • Projects must have the capacity to create new direct employment either full or part-time or seasonal.

Projects will not be assisted where:

  • They are in areas of enterprise that there is already sufficient firms participating and the proposal would lead to job displacement elsewhere.
  • Areas of enterprise on the EU and National Sensitive Lists.
  • Areas of enterprise coming under other schemes or operational programmes.
  • Projects are contrary to National policy.
  • Projects involving primary agricultural production.
  • Where investment is in mobile assets.
  • Projects involving purely sales and distribution e.g. retail outlets will not be assisted.

In order to assess if your project or idea might qualify for grant aid, please complete the Business Proposition Form (see link below). 

To complete a Business Proposition Form, click on this link: Business Proposition Form
For a list of eligible internationally traded services, click on this link: Eligible Internationally Traded Services