Boyne Valley Flavour’s Producers Collaborate to Create Boyne Valley Flavour’s Food Boxes.

Boyne Valley Flavour’s Producers Collaborate to Create Boyne Valley Flavour’s Food Boxes.


We are living in extraordinary times, many of us have had our lives and livelihoods turned upside down with the arrival of COVID-19 to our shores. We are all trying to continue as best we can in this new world and for many of us that means adapting how we work or run our businesses. In recent days many of the producers in Boyne Valley Flavour’s have collaborated on developing a new initiative to help their businesses survive in these difficult times- a range of Boyne Valley Flavour’s Boxes that can be ordered online and delivered to your home. As many people are trying to avoid the supermarkets this initiative will give them an opportunity to get the finest of Irish produce delivered right to their door. In addition to the produce customers will also have the option to add 2 x 250ml bottle of hand sanitiser from Listoke Distillery. Rated at 62% (recommended strength for Covid 19).


The initiative has been spearheaded by RuairÍ Browne who along with Laura Menamy is the proprietor of Great Northern Larder which make a delicious range of high-quality sauces and rubs. RuairÍ and Laura have this week dedicated their website, time and packing facilities to helping local food producers across the Boyne Valley and those in isolation to come together at this time.


Boyne Valley Food Boxes


We have developed a range of Food Boxes with produce from local producers in the Boyne Valley that can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.


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Boyne Valley Producers - Weekly Vegetable Box

From €29.50

Available Nationwide

Each week we will curate the best seasonal locally grown produce and we will try and offer as much value as we can for your money. Each box will include a mixture of green leafy veg and salad leaves and root veg including potatoes. Also includes 250g of closed cup mushrooms.

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The produce will come from these Boyne Valley producers=



Boyne Valley Producers - Store Cupboard Essentials Box

Available Nationwide

From €40

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This is our "store cupboard essentials" box which contains long life products that you typically keep in your cupboard. We have filled this box with a specially curated mix of Irish artisan products that will be a winner in every kitchen and with all ages.

Sea Salt

250g of sea salt from Oriel Sea Salt in Clogherhead. Use for cooking, on the table, in baking, and for brining or preserving foods.

Apple Cider Vinegar

250ml from Boyne Grove Fruit Farm in Drogheda. Use for keeping healthy, for flavouring salads, for preserving foods, or in cooking. Can also be used on chips.

Rapeseed Oil

250ml of Irish Rapeseed Oil from Newgrange Gold in Slane or Derrycamma in Castlebellingham. Use for salad dressing, frying, on bread, or in baking.

Sauces and Seasonings

250ml sauce from Great Northern Larder and a bottle of our vegetable seasoning mix. Use to bring flavour and interest to all your cooking.

Marty Mill Stoneground Flour

Hand milled flour from Kells that is amazing in traditional Irish whaeten or soda bread. Large 2.5kg bag.


Three selected jars of jam or jelly from our local preserve makers Clarkes, Big Red Kitchen, Hilda's Homemades, and A Bit on the Side. We will mix up the flavours every week. Min weight 500g.

Tea and Coffee (Optional)

500g of loose leaf Irish tea from McEntees in Dundalk and 500g of ground coffee from Koffy in Dundalk


Boyne Valley Producers - Weekly Meat, Dairy, & Fish Box

From €95

Delivery on Tuesday limited to Dublin and areas in Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow see website for map.

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There is enough meat and fish for one week for a family of four including lunches and dinners. For a smaller family it will last longer. All the products are vac packed and fresh so they can be frozen at home if you wish. This is an exceptional value box for artisan Irish meats and fresh caught Irish fish.

The contents of this box will change every Sunday evening.

Box Contents This Week

*all fish boned and individually vac packed, all meat vac packed

From Hogan's Farm

  • Fresh      Turkey Mince x 350g
  • Fresh      Turkey Burgers x 4 x 100g each

From Killua Castle

  • Venison      Mince 600g
  • Venison      Fillet Steaks x 2 x 180g each

From Hugh Maguire - The Smokin' Butcher

  • Multi      Award Winning Smoked Black Pudding

From Rockfarm in Slane

  • Fresh Eggs      x 12

From Boyne Valley Cheese

  • White      Goats Cheese x 200g

From What's For Pudding

  • Sticky Toffee      420g

Gloriously rich and gooey dessert pudding. 

From Nick's Fish - Option 1 - Mixed Pack

  • Sea Bass x      4 fillets x 125g each
  • Salmon x 4      portions x 170g each
  • Cod x 4      portions x 170g each
  • Smoked      Coley x 1kg


From Nick's Fish - Option 2 - Whitefish Pack

  • Cod x 6      portions x 170g each
  • Hake x 6      portions x 170g each
  • Haddock x      6 portions x 170g each


From Nick's Fish - Option 3 - Salmon Pack

  • Salmon x      16 portions x 170g each



Bronagh Conlan Chairperson Boyne Valley Flavours and proprietor Listoke Distillery and Gin School

“This is an amazing innovative initiative and proof of how people can pull together at times like these. It will not only help the producers involved to keep their business going but it will also allow people to receive fresh, premium Irish produce straight to their homes.”


Gráinne McKeon Food Officer for Boyne Valley Flavours

“I am so proud to be involved with this fantastic initiative, it is so inspiring to see how Ruairí and the producers involved have reacted in these difficult times and collaborated to create & deliver the range of Food Boxes in such a short space of time.”


About Boyne Valley Flavours

Boyne Valley Flavours is a collective of producers, food service and food experience providers in the Boyne Valley (Meath and Louth). Our aim is to promote local, sustainable produce, develop the use of local produce in restaurants/cafes and to develop food tourism in the Boyne Valley region.

Each year we run the Boyne Valley Food Series of events across the Boyne Valley as well as year-round Food experiences.

Discover Boyne Valley Flavour’s is funded in a joint initiative between Meath and Louth County Council and their respective Local Enterprise Office's.