Management Development Programmes

Management Development Programmes 

The Local Enterprise Office Meath offer a range of specific programmes aimed at supporting business entrepreneurs and senior management to grow and develop their businesses in a sustainable way.

LEAN for MICRO Programme

Today, more than ever, business owners and managers are using LEAN tools and techniques to address competitiveness issues within their business and build the capability of their people to identify issues and improve their operations.

LEAN is about being effective and efficient - doing things quicker, better, cheaper.... together.  LEAN strives to stamp out waste and to continually improve. 

LEAN requires that individuals, teams and the entire organisation remain continuously focused on the customer, adopting a practical approach to increasing value to the customer by the relentless elimination of every form of unnecessary waste.

LEAN is a way of thinking and acting that enables people to drive the organisation forward.  It increases capability and capacity and is the catalyst for innovation.

LEAN helps ensure flexibility, responsiveness, efficiency, innovation and by continuously listening to the customer allows companies to compete and win on merit.

Local Enterprise Office Meath recognises the importance of the development of management skills for people managing their own micro or small enterprises.  We also recognise the very substantial improvements in productivity and profitability that can result from the application of LEAN principles in a business and aims to support managers in effectively embracing LEAN methodologies in their businesses.

The LEO Lean for Micro business programme helps to:

  • Identify issues and potential improvement areas;
  • Provide support to implement change and
  • Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to deliver.

Agile Innovation Fund

The new Agile Innovation Fund

Responding to the threats and opportunities posed by Brexit demands innovation - products, services and processes need to be tailored and improved for international markets before opportunities are lost to the competition or changing conditions.

Enterprise Ireland’s new Agile Innovation Fund, which is open to clients of Local Enterprise Offices, allows companies to access up to 50% in support of innovation projects with a total cost of up to €300,000 – with fast-track approval.

So you can engage in the innovation activity necessary to make your international growth ambitions reality.

Why Choose the Agile Innovation Fund?

The benefits of choosing the Agile Innovation Fund include:

  • Helps companies in sectors with rapid design cycles keep their advantage by offering an online application and Fast-Track-Approval process
  • Companies can access up to 50% funding, where the grant requested is < €150k (total project cost < €300k)
  • The Fund is open to Enterprise Ireland clients and non-Enterprise Ireland clients, and applications may be submitted at any time.


Business Innovation

  • Business Innovation projects are also eligible to apply under Agile Innovation
  • Business Innovation projects aim to put in place a new service-delivery, production-method or a change to the business model of the company


Am I Eligible? 

You are eligible to apply for Agile Innovation Funding, if:

  • Your company is an Irish based manufacturing or internationally traded services company
  • You can show adequate cash resources to implement the proposed RD&I project


For further details on either of the above or to discuss your eligibility please contact