Business Advice Clinic: Call Back Service

31st December 2019

If your business is based in Meath, enter the requested details and receive a call back from our team who will arrange an appointment with a Business Mentor.


If your Business  is based in Meath, click the Book Now button to receive a Call Back from our team, who will arrange an appointment with a Business Mentor.

Business Advice Clinics have been developed to assist those who are thinking about starting out in business or those who have an existing business and are at a stage where they need some direction and advice. The clinics are often the first stop before being referred to our more intensive mentoring programme.

Business Advice Clinics - The Detail

The advice clinics are 45-60 minute appointments, provided free of charge. Clinics are run on a one-to-one basis with our experienced business advisors.

Depending on the advice you need and the outcome of your first appointment, our advisors may ask you to come back for another appointment to follow-up or, if desired, you may be referred for our mentoring programme.

How Do I Apply?

Simply Click the Book Now Button to arrange a call back from a member of our team.

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