Developing Your Own Business Website using WordPress

Online Remotely via Zoom
Tuesday 18th January, Tuesday 25th January, 1st 8th, 15th & 22nd of February
9.30 -1.00pm
Business Training

A 6 week half-day ( 3.5hrs) programme is designed for anyone who wants to create an eCommerce website using WordPres and WooCommerce. Upon completion of this course you will be well on your way to building an eCommerce website for your business.

This event is no longer available
  • Please Note**   This is a 6 week course with 1 session of 3.5hours per week, there is alot of material to cover so please only sign up if you can commit to attending the 6 sessions over 6 weeks
  • Course Content: 

• How do search engines such as Google work?         • What is SEO and how does it impact your business?

• How to conduct an audit/review of your existing website?    • DIY websites vs hiring a web designer.

• What is WordPress?   • Getting started with WordPress    • How to select a WordPress theme?

• How to edit your WordPress theme?     • What information, pages and functionality should you include on your website?

• What information needs to be regularly updated?       • How to write website copy?     • How to use Video and Imagery? 

• What is User Experience and why is it important?   • What is a blog and should you use one?   • What is WooCommerce?

• How can you use WooCommerce with WordPress to create an e-commerce website?

• How to add a product to WooCommerce.     • How to create a collection with WooCommerce.         • WooCommerce features and functionally.

• Set up Google Analytics           • Set up a Facebook pixel        • Password protection          • Shipping & Delivery  • Placing a test order 

 •Launching your online shop.    • Payment Gateways.    • How to grow your online sales? 

 • How to do digital and content marketing for your website.

  • What you will learn:

Learn how search engines and SEO works and how this impacts your website.

Learn how to audit your existing website.

Learn what pages you need to include on your website.

What is WordPress and how does it work? 

Learn how to use WordPress to create and maintain a website for your business.

Learn how to use WordPress themes.

What is WooCommerce and how does it work? 

Learn how to use product images and videos.

Learn how to use WooCommerce and WordPress to create an e-commerce website. 

Learn how to create products and collections. 

Learn how to enable payment gateways. 

Learn how to grow your online sales.