Start Your Own Food Business Workshop

Navan Education Centre, Athlumney, Kentstown Road, Navan, Co Meath
7 and 14 June 2017 (two days)
9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Do you have an idea for a new food business or want to expand from the kitchen table? – Then this course is for you! Whether your intention is to sell at a Farmer’s Market or supply the retail and foodservice markets or even direct to the public, this foundation programme gives you a solid start. On completion you will have a baseline understanding of what is needed to start a successful food business and to ensure that you have a robust business model. The course has also been used as a stepping stone to the Food Academy programme or other food development programmes.


It’s a short two day programme aimed to help those with a foodie idea or those at very early stages of starting up a food business. The programme will provide participants with the knowledge of what is involved in setting up and running a successful food business, avoiding the common pitfalls encountered. It assumes that participants already understand the basics of setting up a business such as tax compliance, creating a business plan, etc but can compliment a general start your own business course covering these areas.

Day One
The first day will give participants an insight into how the Irish food sector and how it works, helping you to focus objectives for your food project. This day will include:

•    Understanding Irish food consumers
•    Understanding the Irish food sector and artisan food production
•    Discussions and feedback on your idea
•    Idea generation
•    How to carry out market research
•    How to use market data and build a basic marketing plan.
•    Identify how much it might cost to set up a food business
•    Identify the common pitfalls with establishing a successful food business
•    The crucial role of branding and packaging
•    How to get your food to the customer – distribution options

Day Two
Building on day one, day two will focus more closely on the technical aspects of setting up and running a successful food business covering:

•    Legislation and registration of the business
•    Environmental health officer requirements
•    Insurances
•    How to determine your selling price and pricing strategy
•    Financial aspects of running a business
•    Supports and further development