Twitter for Business * Beginners

Online Remotely via Zoom
Wednesday 26th January
9.30 am -1.00pm
Business Training

A 3.5hr workshop designed for anyone who needs to understand how to use Twitter for their business. What is Twitter and how can you use it grow your business brand and profile?

This event is no longer available


This course will provide the participant with the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to use Twitter effectively for their business. To be able to use Twitter to help grow their business and business brand, while building relevant networks

Course Content:

  • How to set up and customise your Twitter Profile
  • How to network and grow your followers on Twitter
  • How to upload and post content to Twitter
  • How to use Hashtags on Twitter 
  • How often should you tweet 
  • Scheduling your tweets ahead of time

Learning Outcomes:

  • Set up and manage a Twitter account for your business 
  • Learn how to grow your Twitter Followers 
  • Learn how to network on Twitter
  • Learn what types of content will work best for your business
  • Plan and create your Twitter content ahead of time
  • Schedule your Twitter Tweets.