Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone programme is designed to provide those highly skilled people who are currently out of work and wish to utilise their existing skills to develop a business idea into a commercially viable business.  It aims:

  • to explore how to research and assess new business ideas;
  • to help them leverage existing knowledge and skills to exploit market opportunities;
  • to provide assistance with technical and commercial evaluation of their idea;
  • to provide a practical understanding of the start-up issues;
  • to support developing a business plan;
  • to develop an understanding of marketing and sales;
  • to develop an understanding of how to plan and manage finance;
  • to explore methods of raising business funding;
  • to explore the practical legal issues facing new businesses;
  • to raise awareness of the importance of ICT and innovation.

This programme will be delivered through 180 hours of cluster group training plus 50 hours of one-to-one mentoring per participant.

Please note that attendance at this programme will not jeopardise receipt of social welfare payments.

To apply, contact Lorna Cooney at 046-9078400 or email