Innovation Programme


This Innovation programme aimed at ambitious businesses committed to improving their performance through innovation. Experts will lead you through structured analysis of your business challenges while applying practical innovation techniques to assist uncover opportunities to grow and flourish. By learning about why organisations struggle with innovation, participants will come away with insight into how you can overcome this to create and capture value and the culture of innovation in their own business. The programme will help participants review their business situation, diagnose the level of innovation needed, and identify and plan candidate innovation implementation projects, in close cooperation.

Learn, Engage, Employ

The programme includes:

  • 7 X 2 hour live video conference evening workshops (7pm to 9pm)
  • 6 to 8 mentoring sessions scheduled in between workshops which help participants put what they have learnt into practical use
  • Market research support to source new customers, suppliers and partners internationally
  • Open innovation sessions – where we create peer groups of companies open to looking at common challenges,  creating and testing ideas in collaboration together
  • Access to innovation training material including guides, presentations, videos, templates, self-assessments and other tools.

During the programme you will:

  • Assess your current business for practical implementable opportunities
  • Get ahead of the curve and help you better understand future changes which will impact your business e.g. sustainability, climate, regulation, digital technology, competitive challenges etc
  • Help you identify, plan and ideally start to implement some short and longer term changes.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your company’s performance
  • Plan and prioritise achievable practical innovation projects
  • The Innovation Programme is being offered for free to suitable businesses.

Who should attend:

Business owner/manager or those individual responsible for innovation and performance improvement.  Ideally businesses should have key members of their team involved in the process. Up to two attendees per business can attend the workshops and there is no restrictions on numbers attending the mentoring session.


Participants should:

  • Have good internet connectivity and be comfortable using online tools
  • Be curious, open to new ways of doing things and eager to learn.
  • Be able to put time into the programme. In addition to the 2 hour workshops, there will be between 6 and 10 hours work required between workshops, this is inclusive of mentoring time. The more you put in the more you get out of the programme!

The programme will begin on Tuesday 27th April with the first workshop. Additional workshop dates will be announced during this session. 

Scheduling of mentoring sessions?

We will work around your diary and availability.

For more information on the programme or to apply, please email Eilin Connolly at