Live Hack Demonstartion - What you need to know to protect your business!

‘Live Hack’ Demonstration: - What you need to know to protect your business!


With “Live Hacks”, Cyber Security experts and FREE IT clinics, Monaghan LEO is delighted to announce its first IT symposium. Aimed at owners/managers of SMEs through to IT Managers within larger companies, it will assist participants with real practical advice on IT security and the current IT trends affecting business.

The IT Symposium takes place on Tuesday 24th March 2020 in the Glencarn Hotel Castleblayney, with registration from 1.30pm to close at 5.30pm.

The activities held during the afternoon will include:

  • Live Hack demonstration
  • Expert speakers on IT security, use and emerging threat/trends
  • Workshop on Cyber security (aimed at SMEs)
  • Workshop on New Enterprise wide threats (aimed at larger companies)
  • FREE advice clinics for SMEs

Expert speakers at the event include Mike Harris of Grant Thornton and David Waldron of Radius Technologies Ltd.

The event will centre around a live demonstration of a ‘hack’ taking place. Hacking means using computers to commit fraudulent acts which can result in the loss of sensitive data such as documentation of business processes and trade secrets or contact information for employees and customers. Hackers can also damage data by erasing or changing the data, or by damaging the actual hardware.

Briege Quinn, Monaghan Local Enterprise Office commented, ‘through this IT Symposium we are trying to support businesses to protect their organisation from malicious cyber-attacks’, adding ‘it's critical that users understand the techniques cybercriminals use to carry out their attacks, as well as, prevention methods and security best practices’

While the event is free, you must be registered using Monaghan LEOs booking platform or phone 047 71818.