50+ Entrepreneur Workshop

Workshop Schedule

Get Your Business Started - 2 Day Workshop

Training Aim

The aim of this interactive 2 Day workshop is to give participants an insight into the skills, knowledge and competencies required to start, research and develop a business in Ireland today.

Objective for Learners

  • To learn from 50+ Entrepreneur Role Models
  • To understand how to assess the feasibility of their business idea
  • To gain the skills to start and complete primary and secondary market research for their selected business idea
  • To develop an action based marketing plan for their business
  • To acquire the knowledge to complete 1 – 3yr sales and expenditure projections
  • To develop practical skills for achieving their projected sales targets
  • To understand how to manage cash flow in their business
  • To appreciate the range of financial and non-financial supports available to start up business.

Suggested Areas for Delivery

Day 1

  • Refining your business idea
  • Assessment of personal skills and abilities.
  • Networking
  • Introduction to business plans and the business plan template
  • Market assessment and feasibility
  • How to price your product/service
  • Developing an action based marketing plan
  • Marketing your business on-line and off-line
  • Financial and non-financial supports for new businesses

Day 2

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Sales and sales projections
  • How to achieve sales – networking and business development
  • Completing sales and expenditure projections
  • Estimating the financing needs of your business
  • Practical tips on managing cash flow
  • Assessing risk - protecting yourself and your business idea
  • Planning an exit strategy – options for 50+ Entrepreneurs

Venue: Hodson Bay Hotel

When: 1st & 2nd of July

For further details contact the Monaghan CEB office at 047 71818