RAMfit has established a large export market in the USA...

A Monaghan company has established a large export market in the USA for its fitness equipment that is made by recycling waste from other industries.

RAMfit 1Since its formation in late 2016 ‘RAMfit’, which employs six people, has availed of various supports from the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) in county Monaghan.

“RAM stands for ‘recycle and move’ explained Dermot McArdle who started the company with JP Mone.

Both are known for their sporting achievements with the Monaghan senior football team and in business they are on the same team in their commitment to doing what they can for the environment.

Dermot said, “RAMfit is a company that uses the power of recycled materials to produce World class durable and versatile fitness equipment.”

RAMfit 2“We take recycled tyres and turn them into these very versatile products.”

In their workshop just outside Monaghan town they recycle tyre rubber creating durable and safe resistance training rollers.

The roller comes in different weights and that weight is achieved by recycling small steel cut-offs that, like the tyre rubber, would otherwise be wasted.

“Whether it is the tyre industry or the steel industry, there is waste in both of those and we are using those materials to make a better future for everybody.”

RAMfit 4 Dermot said, “ninety nine percent of our market is based in the US.”

“We target gyms, personal trainers and physical trainers who want to make an impact in both their clients lives and in the environment.”

To move into this business felt like a natural fit for both given their background in sport.

Both acknowledged the supports provided by the LEO Monaghan and JP encouraged other business owners, including those in the early stages, to contact LEO Monaghan.

RAMfit 5JP said, “LEO Monaghan have provided us with numerous supports over the last number of years such as Lean for Micro, Trading Online Vouchers, the Business Expansion Grant, the Priming Grant and quite recently the TAME grant. It helps companies which export to other countries and allows them to exhibit at various conferences.”

“Not only has LEO Monaghan provided us with actual physical supports that helps the company but, maybe more importantly than that, they have actually provided us with confidence in ourselves that has enabled us to go and try and do the things we have always wanted to do.”

“I would say to any aspiring business that LEO Monaghan should be their first port of call,” he added.