Brexit Mentoring

Brexit Mentoring

Local Enterprise Office Monaghan has Brexit specific mentoring available to help Monaghan businesses ensure they understand this new trading arrangement with the UK and how they may be impacted. The one-to-one mentoring sessions are designed to help businesses plan and take immediate action to effectively mitigate the risks and avail of the opportunities posed by Brexit, increasing a business's resilience and competitiveness, irrespective of the outcome.

We are encouraging companies to develop their capabilities in these specific areas:

Supply Chain & Logistics

What if your key suppliers are based in the UK and their costs increase 20-30% due to potential new excise duties? Understanding and reviewing your sourcing arrangements to reduce costs, increase efficiency and identify alternative suppliers will assist your business. 

Customs Taxation & VAT

Do you purchase supplies from or move goods across to the UK? You will now need to complete the relevant customs paperwork and will also need to be aware of any charges that may aply. Some areas to consider are:

  • How to clasify goods
  • How to establish the origin of goods
  • How to qualify for free Trade agreements
  • How to complete Import & Export Entries
  • Terms of Trade
  • Obtaining authorization for Deferred Payment of Customs & VAT
  • Customs Warehousing
  • Import VAT Issues
  • Impact on cashflow within businesses

Brexit Mentoring Application Form is available here