Secondary Schools Enterprise Programme

Schools Programme

Local Enterprise Office Monaghan endeavours to encourage and foster a culture of entrepreneurship among students in the second level schools in the county.  This support is provided in collaboration with the schools through the following activities:

  • Presentations to students (in-school) on enterprise related topics;
  • Hosting of Enterprise Awareness Events;
  • Student Enterprise Awards Programme.

Student Enterprise Awards

Organised by the Local Enterprise Offices, the Student Enterprise Awards offer students the opportunity to take a business from the idea stage right through to completion.  As part of our commitment to developing an Enterprise culture in Monaghan, Monaghan Local Enterprise Office facilitates the local schools participation in the Schools Enterprise Programme under the auspices of the Student Enterprise Awards.

The main aim of the programme is to encourage Entrepreneurship in young people. This programme allows students to have an opportunity to gain first hand experience of what it is really like to run a business - from the initial planning stage, through financing the set up, to selling their products or services. Through this process, they learn both success and failure – both inevitable features of doing business.

The Student Enterprise Awards was introduced in the 2002/03 academic year and has proven to be a great success with very exciting National Finals held each year. The Awards Programme will continue to offer students the opportunity to take a business from the idea stage, through market research to production, selling, record keeping, management and finally writing a comprehensive report on their activities. Participation in the programme will encourage students to consider becoming entrepreneurs in the future and they will be much better prepared by their experience. The experience of running a business brings many other benefits to students; it enhances creativity, improves communication skills and provides practical uses for business studies topics.

For further information about the Student Enterprise Awards visit the website