Cashflow Management February 2022

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3rd & 10th February 2022
9.30am to 12.30pm
Business Training

The aim of this course is to help business owner/managers to better understand the fundamental financial drivers of their business and give them effective cash management principles and tools.


Course Objectives

  • To ensure all participants understand how funds flow through their business
  • To help participants understand Financial Reports
  • To help participants understand the financial and cash flow implications of a range of strategies and actions
  • To develop a plan for each participant that improves financial performance

Course Delivery

  • Interactive and informal presentation of concepts to cover key concepts
  • Provision of detailed course notes to allow participants to look back over issues covered
  • Use of sample accounts for a range of business types
  • Case Studies showing impact on Cash Flow and Financial Performance
  • Use of a programme workbook
  • Completion of a one page Financial Plan

Course Content

  • How funds flow through the Business
  • Cash V's Profit
  • Understanding your Financial Reports
  • Financial Planning and forecasting
  • What impacts on your cash position
  • Your Financial Improvement Plan

Anticipated Outcomes

  • This course will build participant's confidence in reviewing financial performance and discussing finance with their accountant.
  • It provides tools which will enable participants to improve the financial performance of their business. 
  • Demonstrates the importance of owners and managers taking control of business finances.


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