Create Your Own Marketing Promotional Videos on a Budget

Mtek 1 Building, Armagh rd, Monaghan
Tue 23rd and Tue 30th January 2018 (full days)

This course will teach participants how to use online video to market their business along with how to shoot and edit a marketing or promotional video on a budget.

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Sarah McCann, Little Road Productions Ltd

Course Objectives:

A short video explaining the content & structure of the course can be seen at the following link, alongside samples of videos that were created on the course:  


Online video marketing has become more sophisticated and is seen by businesses as fundamental to any of their marketing strategies. Video auto-play ads are already dominating Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds. The amount of video in News Feeds globally on Facebook has increased by 3.6 times each year while users are now spending an average of 35 minutes a day viewing content on YouTube.

This course will teach participants how to use online video to market their business along with how to shoot and edit a marketing or promotional video on a budget. It will explain how small businesses are using video successfully, along with the type of videos that can be created with a short turnaround and a low budget, and which would best suit their business objectives.

Participants will learn how to plan and develop a concept for their promotional/marketing video, including storyboarding and scripting techniques. They will learn how to shoot and edit high quality video for upload to the web and other social media platforms, not with an expensive video camera but with their mobile phones or tablets. Using key software and hardware that will turn their phone/tablet into a high quality video camera with sound recording capabilities, participants will be trained in the various types of shooting styles and techniques that can be applied to marketing or promotional videos in order to achieve a professional feel. They will learn what small investments can be made to turn their mobile phones or tablets into a full filming kit, including lenses, microphones, tripod attachments and apps.

Course Outline

Day 1 will equip the participants with the conceptual, visual and scripting skills they need to conceive and plan their video, along with the practical skills needed to record high quality audio and video using their mobile phones and the additional hardware & software required for same. After this first session, armed with a blueprint for their video and the skills to shoot their video & audio content, they will record this content in time for the second day of training (proposed to take place 1 week later).

The morning session of Day 2 will equip the participants with the necessary editing tools and techniques to turn the collection of raw content into a final finished video, including voice-over, music, effects and titles. The afternoon session of Day 2 allows the participants to work with the trainer and tutors to polish off their video and complete the training course with a final finished piece ready for upload.

The course has been costed below, with the purchase of the key hardware and software that will be needed for each participants phone/tablet to deliver the training, which the participants will be able to take home in order to continue their own future video productions - could this be removed?

All participants will need to have a smartphone/tablet.


Sarah McCann was the Head of Creative Media in Dundalk IT for 2 & half years and has lectured in film and video in Dundalk IT for over 13.  Sarah is also documentary filmmaker and TV Producer/Director with her company Little Road Productions Ltd. and has had her work screened in festivals in Ireland, the UK and the US. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin & DIT, Sarah worked for a number of years as a production co-ordinator and production manager on short films and documentaries for Irish and UK broadcasters and funders, including a BAFTA award-winning animation, before starting to direct and edit her own documentary films. 'One Ocean: No Limits', a no-budget one-hour documentary which Sarah directed & produced along with performing additional major camera & editing roles, was acquired upon completion by RTE for broadcast and has been signed for distribution by Network Ireland Television. The film is currently screening at national & international festivals and was also a feature on Aer Lingus' In-Flight Entertainment from Nov-Jan 2014-15.

Sarah is a validated Media Expert with the EACEA (European Audio-visual Cultural Executive Agency).

Sarah McCann's profile can be seen at

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Date: Tue 23rd and Tue 30th January 2018 (full days)

Location: Mtek 1 Building, Armagh rd, Monaghan

Cost: €100