E-Commerce Analysis Mentoring

31st December 2019

Providing an online opportunity analysis for those thinking of developing an e-commerce website or a digital performance review of an existing site.


Monaghan LEO Office is offering you dedicated and expert e-commerce analysis support to review your existing e-commerce website to identify opportunities for your business to become more competitive and/or upgrade your online business presence making it more commercially viable. With only 20 places on the programme each client will receive 3 mentoring sessions. The place/time/date will be confirmed between the client and the mentor after completion of booking.

Please note that this support is only available to businesses based in County Monaghan

For businesses thinking of developing an e-commerce platform : Online Opportunity Analysis

A review of the online search and social landscape to identify profitable niches and to estimate likelihood of commercial success. The process involves:

  • Keyword research to understand the words and phrases potential customers use when researching specific product areas.
  • Competitor analysis that reviews the keywords and key phrases used by market leading competitors along with a profile of the keywords and key phrases they are using for advertising purposes.
  • Profiling of audience sizes and potential in social media to quantify the role social media can play in commercial success.
  • Review of the most popular content shared in identified niches to establish the correct social networks to choose and to understand the informational needs of customers.

What is the Output?

Online Opportunity Analysis document that highlights the potential opportunities that exist online and a corresponding outline digital strategy. Website specification/brief document designed to take advantage of the opportunities identified. This brief can then be given to a website developer ensuring that you have the best possible design.

For businesses that have an existing e-commerce website: Digital Performance Review

The review of the effectiveness of the current digital tools being used and a list of recommendations to improve performance, commercial contribution and reduce costs across each section. The process involves:

  • Technical SEO Review to assess the infrastructure and on page proficiency of a website
  • Link profile to review the number and quality of links pointing towards the website.
  • Design review to establish the visual effectiveness of each page on a website
  • Page performance and health review to establish average time spent on pages, exit pages, bounce rate and on-site customer journeys.
  • Google Analytics review to establish performance of users coming from different sources, devices and locations.
  • Behavioural monitoring of users on a website to identify any areas blocking potential new customers from completing a sale or filling in a form.
  • Google Ads review to identify health and profitability of each campaign within an account.
  • Email marketing review to establish the deliverability, profitability and health of email campaigns sent.

What is the Output?

A Digital Performance Review document highlighting performance across each digital tool used and a list of recommendations designed to achieve the following:

  • Improve profitability of each digital tool (website, organic search, paid advertising or email)
  • Reduce costs by identifying and removing unprofitable activities and highlighting potential performance efficiencies.
  • Development of a measurement framework so that a business can develop a better understanding of online performance and monitor it on a regular basis.

Both the above supports will further assist you in developing your Trading Online Voucher application worth 50% up to €2500.