EU GDPR Data Protection for Businesses

Wetlands Center, Ballybay
Monday 5th March

*** Additional dates added see 21st March, 5th and 25th April*** 25th May 2018 will see the greatest changes in Data Protection legislation for decades with the implementation of the EU General Data Protection. GDPR legislation will apply to all businesses and organisations who collect and process personal data and a breech could see a monetary fine of up to E20,000,000 (or 4% of Annual Turnover whichever is the greater!). From the Sole Trader to global organisations, charities, sports clubs (and all those in between) all will feel the effects and implications of the new legislation.

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**Additional dates to be released soon**

Many mandatory policies and procedures are introduced together with strict sanctions under EU general Data Protection. GDPR encourages business owners and organisations to take responsibility for their data processing activities and encourages behavioural change. Data Protection has become very real and no longer a myth.

By the end of this 3hr workshop you will have an understanding of the EU GDPR and be aware of the implications and effects of the legislation on your business and organisation.

Half day workshop will cover:

  • Legal Principles of EU GDPR legislation
  • Key legal definitions of EU GDPR
  • Core Principle - Accountability
  • Data Subjects Rghts
  • Key changes EU GDPR introduces
  • Data Inventory
  • Record Keeping
  • Policies, Procedures & Systems
  • Privacy Statements
  • Requirement for a Data Protection Officer
  • Data Breaches & Data Breach Reporting
  • Sanctions & Fines

Training Methodology

Learning tools used will include:

  • Powerpoint presentation 
  • Participants will be given a hand-out of the slides and encouraged to take notes during the programme. 
  • Facilitated group discussion and specific questions from participants

Assessment Method

Each participant will complete a post-course evaluation form.

Book and pay online at: or contact Monaghan LEO at or 047-71818