Extracting Cash From Your Business - 6th November 2019

Concra Wood Golf & Country Club
6th November 2019
8am to 10am

If your business is making healthy profits and starting to accumulate strong cash balances, you might want to consider how to extract wealth in a tax efficient manner.

This event is no longer available


Some business owners and company directors pay themselves a small wage and accumulate funds within the company. Whilst this increases the value and the viability of the business, drawing a small salary/ wage does not always have positive outcomes as Revenue measure certain tax reliefs based on BONA FIDE salary payment amounts in line with industrial wages.

The objective if this information session is to;

  • Explain to business owners/company directors the importance of getting the balance right with the company salaries/wages.
  • Inform what options are available to business owners/ company directors to extract wealth from their business/company in a tax efficient manner, using the different vehicles of i.e. Company Pensions, Capital Gains Relief for early retiring directors and/or Investment Bonds.
  • Discuss the possibility of employing a college going child in the business, specifically where there is no SUSI grant
  • Inform business owners of the impact of "auto enrolment" on their business.

Monaghan Local Enterprise Office/Monaghan County Council wish to advise that this is not to be taken as an endorsement of the company providing the presentation or its products. We advise all businesses to take independent advice on all such financial matters.