Go Green - Greenwashing

Carrickmacross Workhouse
29th June 2022
9:30 - 11:00
Business Training

Discover how to market your sustainability achievements without 'greenwashing'. Learn green marketing strategies from an industry expert.

This event is no longer available

We continue our delivery of our Go Green - climate action series to support businesses as they transition to a low carbon economy.


Greenwashing is the activity of marketing deceptively, with the intention to mislead consumers that an organisations products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly. 

This upcoming event will focus on the the 7 greenwashing 'sins' to avoid, claims that are made that cannot be validated and how to adopt a truly sustainable marketing strategy.  

This event will be delivered by Paul and Anne from the Leading Edge Group and will take place in the Workhouse Carrickmacross. 

Note- Businesses from the Carrickmacross area will be invited to stay on to explore the possibility of forming a 'community'- with the specific purpose of leverage up to 30% grant support from through the Sustainable Energy Community model. 

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