How to "Photoshop" for Free

Online Via Zoom
Tuesday 19th October,2021
10 am - 1pm
Social Media

Learn how to create images for your website and social media accounts using free online graphic design tools that give the business owner the ability to create social media posts.

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An Introduction to "Photoshop" for Business

Every business owner is not a Photoshop expert. Clear graphics and images help deliver the correct messaging for your business.

Creating imagery for each new social media post can be time consuming and frustrating for business owners but as we all know a picture paints a thousand words so the correct images are vital to the success of your social media posts. 

On completion of the course each learner will have the confidence and knowledge on how to use graphic design tools to create a design that will be suitable for their own website and social media networks.


Course Aims

  • Use free online graphic design tools
  • Create new images
  • Design a social media post image
  • Design an image for a webpage
  • Graphic Design Tips and Tricks.
  • A look into Photoshop

Content of Programme:

The majority of this course will be computer led with a section for theory and learner questions.

 During the course learners will:

  • Create an image for the social media accounts
  • Download royalty free images from sites like to be used in their designs
  • Gain knowledge in selecting the correct size of image for the different social media networks
  • Create an image for their blog or website


Practical Work

The majority of this course will be computer led with a section for theory at the beginning

The learners will be guided through setting up their own images step by step.

A section of this course will be given to practical work where learners will be invited to

use their own laptops.


*This course will introduce you to a number of free platforms for graphic design


Delivery Method:

Online via Zoom


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