Information Session - Customer Experience Programme

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How businesses deal with customers and how customers expect to be treated has changed significantly because of Covid-19. This information session will introduce you to the Customer Experience Programme which will run this Autumn. It is designed to help businesses rebuild that customer relationship with the focus on boosting sales as a result.


Customer Experience Programme

It is well documented that businesses which provide a great customer experience will be more profitable and achieve longer term customer loyalty. Covid 19 has brought many challenges to the retail and hospitality sectors and now more than ever it is vital that the customer visiting the stores receives a great experience so that you can maxmise the sales opportunity in your business. In addition to this, the customer journey has now been impacted my Covid 19 safety protocols and it is important to understand how safe customers feel as this will influence their decision to return.

This information session will give you an introduction to the in depth programme which will run this Autumn and highlight why this is so important for your business going forward. 

About the Programme:

The aim of this programme is to help you understand how good the customer experience is in your business and if all sales opportunities are being maximised. Some of the objectives of the programe include:

  • Measurement and benchmarking of the customer experience v set criteria
  • Identify training needs for your teams
  • Understand how satisfied the customer is with the Covid 19 protocols

At the end of the programme you will have data that will help you understand the customer experience that is delivered in your business and you will know what you need to do to make it better.

About the Trainer:

Leza Nulty

Leza Nulty, Insight 6

Originally from Belfast, Leza has been living in Glaslough Village for 12 years.  After a 20+ year career in retail, marketing and sales she is now running the insight6 franchise in Ireland. She is passionate about helping small businesses deliver excellence in customer experience standards.