Instagram for Food Business Workshop - 24th June 2019

Ballybay Enterprise Centre
24th June 2019
Business Training

The workshop will cover all aspects of using instagram to market a food business large or small



The workshop will cover all aspects of using Instagram to market a food business large or small, from hospitality to production. We will cover in detail the mechanics of the platform itself, including organic content and paid advertising, and the benefits of Stories vs. Feed content vs. IGTV.

  • Content creation and curation will be a key focus of the workshop, with guidance given on what to create and share, as well as how to present it in a way that is appropriate for each business. This will include how to develop and foster a tone of voice for your brand that works for different social media channels, and how to tailor that tone to each audience.
  • We will also discuss collaboration and influencer marketing, as well as ecommerce using the app, which will include how to convert a regular account to a business account and why thats important.
  • If possible the workshop will include time with each individual attendee to give advice on their own account - for absolute beginners this time may help them get started, and for more intermediate users it may be an explanation or different metrics, or advice on ads already running etc.
  • While this is happening, attendees will critique each others accounts to gain valuable outside perspective, as well as to get them thinking about how an outsider views the content they are putting out there.