Intellectual Property Workshop

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14th June 2021
10am to 12.30pm

Learn how to create, protect and exploit your concepts, products, services and creative work. Whatever you are doing you can use IP to your great advantage


Course Description:

The course will give you a unique opportunity to learn how to understand and use intellectual property (IP)  to create, improve, protect and market your business or concept. Avoid its dangerous and costly pitfalls while exploiting its numerous beneficial opportunities. Attend if you want to launch something new or refresh an existing concept, are a potential inventor, writer, artist or budding entrepreneur.


  • Learn about trade marks, design protection, copyright and patents.
  • Discover new ways of doing business.
  • How to bring an inventive idea to fruition and protect it.
  • Learn how to refresh existing products and services
  • Brand, protect and promote your product/service/invention
  • Ensure that your offering will stand out from the rest
  • Get free publicity, PR and media coverage
  • Get practical advice, guidance and loads of examples
  • from an expert who has achieved all this himself.
  • IP impacts on everything you are doing or intend to do!
  • Avoid all the costly dangers of infringing existing rights of others

 Brief Description of Trainer

Liam Birkett has unrivalled experience in design, marketing, sales, PR and IP. He brings a refreshing enthusiasm, insight and expertise that will create and turn ideas into reality. For more than 20 years his company was responsible for the corporate identities, product and brand creation plus marketing initiatives for both blue chip companies and SMEs in Ireland and internationally. Being the creator and promoter of brands, and an inventor himself, he has been there, done that, on all counts.  He is the author of books on trade mark creation and inventions;