LEW 2020 - Food Starter Programme

Friday 6th & 20th March
9.30am to 5pm
Enterprise Week

Designed specifically for food enthusiasts looking to start a business, this regional programme will be running on two days, Friday 6th & 20th March


Food Starter Programme

This ‘Food Starter Programme' is a short two day programme designed to help those with a food idea, or those at a very early stage of starting up a food business (typically the first 24 months). The objective of the 2 days is to provide the participants with a base knowledge of what is involved in setting up a food business. The content is designed to provide you with information which will allow you to avoid the pit falls normally associated with this journey. While certain aspects of the programme are relevant to those setting up cafes/restaurants, the core programme content is designed for those producing food to be sold through third parties i.e. food producers.

Topics covered over the two days will include:

  • Understanding the Irish food sector
  • Understanding what is artisan food production
  • Identifying what are the pit falls associated with starting your own food business
  • Minimum requirements e.g. food safety, labelling requirements, insurance, etc.
  • Understanding the critical role of packaging and branding
  • Researching your idea
  • Distribution options
  • Channels to Market