Search Engine Optimisation - 12th October

Online via Zoom
Monaghan Businesses Only
9.30am to 4.30pm
Management Development

This Search Engine Optimisation programme aims to improve your website search ranking and generate more high-quality website visitors to your website.

This event is no longer available

Course Objectives:

Search Engine Optimisation is an ever-evolving subject, yet it remains crucial within digital marketing. This comprehensive programme aims to break the complex subject down for SME's with a view to improving website search ranking and generating more high-quality website visitors for the business.

Who should attend the programme?

The programme is aimed at individuals who have experience of managing/updating their own website and are keen to enhance learning around SEO. The programme will involve a full days online training and will be bolstered by 2 remote mentoring sessions over the following months, ensuring improvements are made.

  1. Participants will have a clear understanding of how SEO can improve their digital marketing efforts and produce qualified leads.
  2. This training will focus mainly, on Google as over 90% of all online searches are completed on Google.
  3. Participants will learn how to evaluate their own site for SEO effectiveness, using a ranger of free online tools.
  4. Participants will be shown how to produce a baseline for current SEO efforts and website traffic.
  5. Each participant will know how to create a basic SEO strategy and know how to deploy this over the next few months following the course.


  • Why is SEO so important in your business
  • Keyword Reseach
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Off- Page Optimisation
  • SEO Tools
  • Website Usability
  • Online Advertising
  • Tracking impact of SEO


This programme will take place online via zoom. There will be one full day training session followed by two follow up one-to-one mentoring sessions. These mentoring sessions will give you time to put you learning into practice and then discuss your findings with the trainer so you can really understand the topic. 


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