Staff Management Workshop

The Iontas Centre, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
11th February 2020
9.30am to 1pm

This programme is designed to help participants identify the steps in creating a high performance working environment: The interactive workshop will enable the participants to develop an action plan for their workplace.

This event is no longer available

Staff Management Workshop

Managing People – harnessing people power!                  

Small businesses find it difficult to make the link between business success and hiring the right people; developing their skills and confidence; and harnessing their potential to grow the business.

Many owner managers believe that all you need to do is ‘hire them, pay them and the rest will look after itself’ but behavioural science does not rate pay as an effective motivator!

The science tells us that it is the intangible aspects of the job that are the real motivators – recognition by your manager; opportunity to develop your skills; involvement in decision making.

It is the manager that holds the key to these motivators!


People >>> Performance >>> Problems

The workshop is designed to help participants to identify the steps to creating high performance working environment:

            People – define the job; hire the right people; reward and retain your employees

            Performance – understand the impact mangers have on performance; coaching; developing skills and building confidence

            Problems – deal with problem behaviour; taking discipline action; handling           grievances; preventing discrimination.

The interactive workshop will enable the participants to develop an action plan for their workplace.


Target audience

The ideal participants are owner managers and line managers who want to improve their management skills, develop their staff and implement a plan to improve performance in the workplace.

Participants will be provided with the opportunity:

-          to learn how to deal with the challenges they face on day to day basis

-          better understand their role as manager and how they impact on the performance of others


-          impact immediately on the workplace by building confidence and developing their employees


Note optional additional Mentoring encompassing 3 sessions will available for a fee of €50, assisting business managers implement some of the learnings.