Start Your own Business - August 2017

Mtek1 Building
Wednesday 16th August for 6 weekly workshops
Start Your Own Business

Aimed at individuals thinking of starting a business or at the very early stage of start up

This event is no longer available

Start Your Own Business (SYOB) is designed to be a practical workshop, aimed specifically at those considering starting their own business. The course is for those who wish to learn how to avoid common pitfalls, reduce risk and progress their ideas and maximise rewards. The course is also suitable for early stage micro business (<9 months).

Outline Syllabus

Start Your Own Business will cover:

  • The Irish taxation system and self assessment
  • The administration of employment and VAT taxes in small business
  • Income tax and corporation tax
  • Tax management issues for a small business in a changing economic environment
  • Tracking and recovering overheads in a pricing plan
  • Costing, pricing, procedures and practice
  • Understanding a finance role
  • Cash management in a small business
  • Merging finances with the day to day operation in a recessionary context
  • Impacts on finance
  • My ‘roadmap’, my idea and research
  • Connecting with the customer, drives the sales process
  • Managing a business on a day to day basis including use of technology
  • Support for you and your business
  • Administration tax and bookkeeping
  • Managing finances in a start-up
  • Preparation of and using a business plan

Anticipated Practical Outcomes

As a participant on this workshop you will be given tools and knowledge which are practical and realistic for those starting out in business.

Training Methodology

Learning tools used will include:

  • Live training and supporting presentation
  • Participants will be given a hand-out of the slides and encouraged to take notes during the programme.
  • Facilitated group discussion and specific questions from participants
  • Providing opportunity for practice

Assessment Method

Each participant will complete a post-course evaluation form

Course Duration: 6 weeks evening course – Starting Wednesday 16th August

Venue: Mtek1 Building, Co. Monaghan

Time: 6.30PM – 9.30PM

Cost: €30 per person or free to those unemployed.

Book and pay online at: or contact Monaghan LEO at or 047-71818