Visual Storytelling 10th to 12th May 2021

Online. Login details will be forwarded at a later date.
Monday 10th May to Wednesday 12th May 2021
10am to 12pm each day

Learn to create professional video for social media using your smartphone.

This event is no longer available

Are you a small business owner looking to expand your reach online? Film smart productions are offering a practical workshop designed for beginners that will cover all aspects of mobile video making including camera set up, planning your shoot, interview techniques and editing using your phone.

The course will allow you to get hands on experience with Smartphone video making equipment. You will leave with the confidence to create your own videos 

The course is designed for Individuals or businesses of any size and is essentially for anyone looking to create their own content for businesses or social media. You don’t need to have any knowledge of video making before you attend. The only requirement is that your bring a phone (iphone or android). 

Course covers but is not limted to

The course will include

  • 1. Best practices for filming on your Phone
  • 2 Planning your video (storyboarding)
  • 3. Avaiable equipment- Tripods and mounts (supplied)
  • 4. Tips to capturing audio (supplied)
  • 5. Recording a self interview
  • 6. Tips to shooting dynamic/exciting video
  • 7. Editing (IOS and Android)
  • 8. Apps for Filming (IOS and Android)
  • 9. Apps for editing (IOS and Android)
  • 10. Best current apps for social media stories


Who is this course suitable for

  • 1. Business owners or marketing staff who want to start using video on their website or social media
  • 2. Anyone tasked with creating interesting content to share on Facebook and Instagram or Linkedin
  • 3. Anyone responsible for creating content for their website