Expressions of Interest sought for Working with a WordPress Website - Beginners

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2 December 2021
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Expressions of Interest sought for online course Working with a WordPress Website. Beginners course.

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WordPress started as a blogging platform but today powers 26.4% of the Web and is still on the rise. This workshop is designed for beginners who are new to using the platform and may be experiencing issues when trying to make changes themselves.



To address questions and potential issues that are common among WordPress beginners and help participants understand how WordPress works and how to make simple changes to their WordPress blogs and websites.

Duration: A 2.5 hours online workshop.

Workshop Content:

WordPress Dashboard – How to login and how the dashboard layout on WordPress works. Participants will learn where content is categorised and how to access key elements.

Posts and Pages – Commonly one of the frequently asked questions, participants will learn the difference between the two and how to make changes to their blog/website content.

Images – How to upload images and how the media library works. Also, how to embed images on posts and pages using the correct dimensions for posts and pages.

Links – Linking content is important for SEO and WordPress users should be familiar with creating links in their content and adding links to images.

Menu – Learning how to create menus and how the menu structure works, participants will understand the different options in adding posts, pages and custom links to the main navigational bar and also how to create custom menus for sidebars and widgets.

Widgets – Participants will learn what widgets are and how to use them correctly to add extra content elements to posts and pages.

Sidebars – Managing content layout on WordPress requires an understanding of how page layouts work and how sidebars can be used to add more functionality to the site but also to understand how mobile responsiveness will impact on appearance.

WordPress Plugins - Plugins allow users to add functionality to websites. Participants will learn what plugins are and what beginners should be looking out for when using them.

WordPress Themes - Themes are the design templates that dictate the overall structure and look of the website. Understanding how themes work and choosing the right template is the fundamental building block of a WordPress website.


Website Security, Back Ups and SSL Certs

Keeping a WordPress website updated means that there is less chance of websites being compromised by hackers. Participants will perform a basic back up of their website, learn how to add a firewall to their website and understand what an SSL Cert is and how it keeps data secure when transmitted from their website. An SSL Cert is now a Google requirement for all websites.

Q & A Session

The final part of the workshop will allow participants to voice any questions or issues they are experiencing with managing their blog/website currently.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will leave the course having learnt the basics of managing a WordPress blog/website and how to continue to grow their site in the future.


All participants will need a laptop or tablet as the workshop will be a hands on learning environment. Participants will also need to have access to their WordPress dashboard in order to follow the demonstration aspects of the workshop.

The trainer will be Fiona McGuire of Join the Dots Online.

Priority will be given to participants from County Offaly.