Have you Thought about Brexit?

Remote Training
Thursday, 26 November and 3 December 2020
10am to 12.30pm
Business Training

Brexit is looming. This online workshop will help you prepare for Brexit. This course is limited to participants from Co. Offaly.

This event is no longer available

Session 1.

  • EORI explained
  • What is a 3rd country?
  • What effects can Brexit have on exports to the UK?
  • What effects can Brexit have on imports from the UK or through the UK?
  • What might the tariffs/duties look like?
  • What is the customs impacts, as Revenue indicate currently, on exports and imports?

Session 2.

  • Currency- what could the effects be on sales revenues and costs, post Brexit?
  • What is the ‘comprehensive guarantee’ and how will the deferred payment account work?
  • VAT at point of entry to ROI and the UK
  • Costs for administration of the required paperwork
  • Traffic light system- explained
  • Finding new markets now in preparation, post Brexit
  • Finding new EU suppliers to lessen impacts, post Brexit
  • What supports can be accessed now?
  • Strategies to the reduce impacts of Brexit.
  • Close and evaluations.

Materials: A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation will form the basis of the training delivery. This will also be circulated to all participants after the webinar for use as a reference. Participants would be encouraged to take notes throughout of anything they find particularly relevant to their own business model.

The trainer is Seamus Murphy from Gateway Consulting