Learn how Green for Micro can Help your Business

Remote Training
Thursday, 24 June 2021
10am to 1pm

Learn how you can avail of free consultancy under the Green for Micro initiative.


Learn how your Business can Benefit from the Green for Micro Consultancy

This workshop will provide you with an introduction to Sustainability Principles for your business.  It will explain the Green for Micro Programme; who is it for and how will it help you to improve your business and identify cost savings and market opportunities within their business.


In essence, becoming green means improving the way you use energy, waster, water, and how you transport and procure. Improving environmental performance through greater resource efficiency, can help your business save money and achieve a competitive advantage.

Your business may be able to avail of 2 days free consultancy to help your business.  This support is available to businesses with up to ten employees.  Full details of this scheme is available on www.localenterprise.ie/green or email info@leo.offalycoco.ie.

The Trainer is Derek Hannick of Lean Green Services.  This company has over 15 years knowledge and experience in Lean & Sustainable strategic development and rollout of Business Growth and Cost & Sustainability programmes for Blue Chip Companies and SME’s.

Priority will be given to businesses from Co. Offaly.