Remote Training - Forecasting and risk management in an uncertain world

Remote Training
Tuesday, 14 April 2020
10am to 2noon.
Business Training

2 hour online course on Forecasting and risk management in an uncertain world due to Covid-19. Trainer Marie Manning, Manning Financial.

This event is no longer available

Forecasting and risk management in an uncertain world

Aim of the course:

How to forecast for different scenarios, contingency planning and risk management

Expected Outcomes:

The participants will be able to identify the risks for their business and stress testing their forecasts for likely outcomes.  This will enable them to set in motion contingency arrangement, and thus be more proactive, in auctioning remedial actions for their business

Outline of the Course:

  • Forecasted income & expenditure
  • Cash flow forecasting including
  • Timing of receipts and payments
  • Sources of funds – inflows, outflows
  • Capital expenditure – income v cash flow
  • Stress-testing/”What-if”
  • Scenarios: Economists from Delayed recovery (expected pick up beginning in Q3 2020) to prolonged contraction  (expected pick up beginning in Q3 2021) – assess impact on business of various scenarios
  • Contingency planning: identify scenarios,  carry out risk assessment and action lists to mitigate impacts across each area of the business
  • Develop actions to deal with possible outcomes – key is flexibility to adapt under headings:
  • Employee engagement
  • Supply chain stabilisation
  • Customer engagement
  • KPIs to ensure financial stability
  • The workshop will be facilitated using a proprietary spreadsheet that the participants can customise and use for their business. It will enable them to generate projected profit and loss accounts and cash flows by inputting baseline parameters.

Registered participants will receive a link and instructions to access the workshop and the facilitators will forward relevant materials electronically.

This course is limited to Offaly based businesses only.

The Trainer, Marie Manning, trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ireland’s largest international food company and spent most of her working career in general management, financial, IT and HR roles for pharma, tech and construction companies supporting lifescience and high tech industries.  Since the establishment of Manning Financial, Marie has a provided worked with SMEs across the Midlands in food, service and tech industries.