Remote Training - Self-Care & Coping with Stress while remaining Productive

Remote Training
Thursday, 9th April 2020
10am to 12 noon
Business Training

2 hour online course on how to Cope with Stress during Covid-19, while remaining productive. Trainer Aidan Flynn

This event is no longer available

Self-Care & Coping with Stress while remaining Productive

Aim of the Programme

The world has been thrown into a crisis not seen in nearly a 100 years, everyone is anxious, stressed and a little scared. How do you and your team stay focused and productive while coping with the uncertainty?

Expected Outcome:

The participants will learn methods of easing their own and teams' stress levels in these challenging times. This workshop will help bring structure to your day and will help you build resilience in your team to stay productive.

Course Outline:

  • Growth mindset V’s Fixed mindset. Focus on what you can control no matter how small in a world out of control
  • Get comfortable with not knowing. Almost everything we took for granted only a few weeks ago, kids going to school, going to the workplace or just heading for a pint or a night out are all not possible right now. Learn how to cope with uncertainty and discover new strengths in yourself
  • Time management & putting structure in your day
  • Goal setting in a changed environment & reviewing your KPI’s, do they still apply
  • This is the time for clear strategic direction combined with bottoms up initiative
  • How to make the right decisions for your business in stressful times
  • Stay informed as to what’s happening on the virus but don’t get fixated on it. You just need to know enough, over exposure to virus information can lead to anxiety for you and your team

This training is free of charge to Offaly based businesses only.  

Registered participants will receive a link and instructions to access the workshop and the facilitators will forward relevant materials electronically.

The trainer is Aidan Flynn who is an Executive Coach and owner & founder of Courage Coaching which provides executive coaching, mentoring and training to multi-nationals and aspiring entrepreneurial leaders of the future.