Trading Online Voucher Webinar

Thursday 1 September 2022
2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
I.T. Training

Attendance at a Trading Online Voucher webinar is part of the application process for the Trading Online voucher scheme. Attendees will learn about e commerce website development along with how to complete the application process

This event is no longer available

Trading Online Voucher Webinar


With the existing challenges in the marketplace, businesses need to capitalise on trading online opportunities and take advantage of the potential for growth. Establishing and enhancing effective digital channels has never been more important. Making informed decisions and choosing the right platform for your business is vital.

This webinar will detail the entire Trading Online Voucher Scheme and application process. The additional content covered in this webinar will also include:

  • Assessing your business needs,

  • A review of popular E-commerce platforms

  • Digital strategy concepts & developing a suitable digital strategy for your business and 

  • Defining a detailed project brief to source quality quotes.


You will also be provided with practical resources, guides and templates for your businesses to use. These resources will help participants to assess and define their needs, create an effective brief and source precise quotes from digital agencies. 



The objectives of this seminar are to provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the importance, value and opportunities available with trading online. 

  • The details of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme; 

    • Application & evaluation process, 

    • Eligible / Applicable costs and 

    • Application overview

  • Provide knowledge on the factors that influence e-commerce, digital marketing strategy development, ongoing considerations & costs associated with trading online

  • Ongoing marketing requirements and digital tools:

    • The importance of brand quality, tone of voice & communication

    • Developing your strategy

    • Targeting & advertising

    • The importance of maximising SEO, social media and advertising channels

  • Sourcing quotes: How to define your needs and how to get the best from your web developer / digital agency


Practical 2hr live webinar with a Q&A session and useful PDF resources will also be provided.