Word Press Advanced Course

Wednesday 16 February 2022
10 am to 12.30 pm

This is a blended learning workshop, targeted at website owners or managers who are comfortable with the platform but who are keen to learn how to improve their website design and increase organic search traffic by optimising their WordPress site for Google. All participants will need a laptop or tablet as the workshop will be a hands on learning environment. Participants will also need to have access to their WordPress dashboard so they can follow the demonstration aspects of the workshop. Participation on this course is limited to people from businesses in Offaly

This event is no longer available

Workshop Content

Styling WordPress – Look at how to use browser inspector tools to make custom changes to WordPress.

Videos – Video marketing is now an essential marketing tool, and this workshop will show how to embed YouTube videos on websites.

Images– Best practices for editing photos for websites and the different image formats for websites.

SEO – An in-depth view on what SEO is and how participants can optimise their WordPress websites using site maps and SEO techniques. Includes an introduction to Google Search Console.

Site Speed – Website speed is now an important part of Google Search Rankings. Participants will learn how to optimise their website for speed ranking scores.

GDPR: an overview of privacy policies and how to ensure participants’ websites are GDPR compliant.

Cookie Notices: How to ensure your cookie policy meets legal requirements.

Q & A Session

The final part of the workshop will allow participants to voice any questions or issues they are experiencing with their sites.