Skillnets actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs on the basis that training and up-skilling are key elements in keeping Irish companies competitive.

Skillnets funds groups of companies in the same region/sector, and with similar training needs, through training networks that deliver subsidised training to businesses.

Specifically in relation to business support, Skillnets provides the following range of activities:

  • Through the Training Networks Programme (TNP), Skillnets fund training networks which operate on a national, sectoral or regional level to provide enterprise- led training supports to businesses.  Join a Skillnets training network to benefit from high quality training that is subsidised, relevant to your needs, and delivered at a time and in a location that suits your business.
  • Through the ManagementWorks Programme, Skillnets provides subsidised management development training and mentoring available to businesses in all sectors to assist them to grow in terms of their sales, output and employment.  The Finance4Growth programme provides owner managers of SMEs access to an SME Finance expert who will explain the different and most relevant sources of finance available to their business.
  • Through the Finuas Networks Programme, Skillnets funds training networks that provide subsidised training for businesses and employees in the international financial services (IFS) sector. The main areas of training are in banking/asset financing, corporate treasury, investment management, aviation finance, securitisation, reinsurance and related professional services.

Skillnets provides free learning opportunities for the unemployed in both our TNP and Finuas Programmes.  Skillnets also offers a Job-seekers Support Programme which combines training with work-placement which addresses skill requirements in industry growth areas.  This programme benefits both the unemployed and businesses with specific training in demand by industry and assists to upskill the unemployed to be work-ready.

Skillnets training is:

  • Tailored to the needs of your business
  • Delivered locally
  • Saves your business time
  • Can cost up to 50% less